Join the Syngenta Lawsuit



Calling Corn Farmers Who Suffered As a Result of Syngenta's Wrongdoing and Negligence in Causing Corn Prices to Plummet

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Join over 25,000 farmers who have retained us to sue Syngenta, a Swiss corporation with net worth over $30 Billion, for knowingly, negligently placing American corn prices at risk. Syngenta started selling Viptera GMO corn in 2010, despite warnings that China had not agreed to accept it. Contrary to Syngenta’s promises that it would get Chinese approval, China shut down all American corn imports in summer, 2013 when it found the first trace of Viptera. Corn prices took a resulting steep dive.

Syngenta started the lawsuits by unsuccessfully suing Bunge in Iowa, which had refused to take Viptera corn. In late 2014, Cargill and ADM started multi-million dollar, pending lawsuits against Syngenta. We have followed with lawsuits for thousands of American farmers, along with many coop and other elevators.

I am a trial lawyer with decades of experience (, and our team is led by Michael Watts of San Antonio, Texas. Mike has already beat Syngenta’s move to drag our farmer lawsuits to Louisiana and federal court. Not long ago, Mike represented thousands of southern USA farmers as a lead lawyer in achieving the $750 Million settlement against Bayer Crop Science when its GMO seed wrecked the prices for their rice.

You do not need to have used Syngenta seed to participate in the lawsuits. The cases are about Syngenta causing corn prices (perhaps beans and wheat) to plummet by their negligence and other wrongdoing.

We have already invested millions of dollars on behalf of our farmer clients, and represent more farmers than any other law firms. As the attached fee agreement explains, you will NOT be responsible for payment to us of any fees or costs if the cases are unsuccessful. Case expenses are paid within the 40% of our contingency fee. BEWARE of other law firms that are charging for costs added to the contingency legal fee.

It is very unlikely that you will ever be in a courtroom, or even do a deposition. Cases of this type usually settle without trials. Even if a small number of “bellwether” trials happen, there is far less than a one percent chance that we would select any one farmer for those bellwether trials.

There are statutes of limitations approaching that will end your opportunity to join in these lawsuits. Don’t delay. Fill out, sign and mail or e-mail the contract to me ASAP. Within a month, you’ll get a letter from our San Antonio Watts-Guerra LLP law firm asking for detailed crop information. If you have already completed and sent in our standard fee agreement (attached), please pass this on to another farmer. We have strength with numbers.

There is no cost to the farmer, co-op or other clients to join as a plaintiff in these lawsuits. Legal fees will be covered by the contingency legal fee agreement (attached), if the case is successful. To join the many other farmers, co-ops and elevators in these lawsuits across the country, you may complete the “Legal Fee Agreement” and return it to Attorney Brian Wojtalewicz by mail at 139 North Miles, P.O. Box, Appleton, MN 56208 or by e-mail at If you have further questions, please contact Attorney Brian Wojtalewicz at 320-289-2363.