Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Pay for an Expert Lawyer to Help Me?

Most American citizens can't afford to pay hourly fees for a case like an InjuryWrongful Death or Sexual Abuse that can take hundreds or thousands of hours of legal work. Experienced lawyers take cases on contingency fee. A clear, understandable fee agreement describes the percentage of the recovery that your lawyer will receive, only if the claim/lawsuit is successful. The agreement should also clearly describe responsibility for costs (e.g. court fees, deposition costs, travel, expert witnesses, investigators), which can involve thousands of dollars. If a claim/lawsuit is not successful, our fee agreement provides that you are not responsible for repaying these costs, while other law firms may require you to repay these costs.

If you have endured the nightmare of sexual abuse, or a beloved family member has been wrongfully killed, or suffered a serious injury, don't hesitate to call us for a free initial phone conference.


Can our firm help for an injury or wrongful death case arising from a crash in a state other than Minnesota?

As you can see from our samples of case results, we have helped many people in these situations. Brian carefully researches and chooses a high quality, experienced lawyer or law firm in the other state to work with. Our firm and that local firm from the other state agree on a sharing of a contingency fee, so you have the advantage of two law firms working for you, on the same contingency fee