Truck Accidents

Semi-truck crashes are notorious for causing severe injuries and death to innocent drivers and passengers on our roadways. We have built years of expertise in the investigation of these truck accident crashes. Knowing what evidence to look for, and the expertise in demanding preservation of key evidence (that is usually only in the hands of the trucking corporation), can make crucial differences in achieving justice. With very rare exceptions, settlements or judgments from jury verdicts are paid by insurance coverages.

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Truck Accident Settlements and Verdicts

Settlement: $2,958,585. Our client, a successful counselor, was driving on a well traveled two-lane rural highway, when a truck suddenly turned left right in front of her, causing a violent collision. Her internal injuries included a ruptured major artery, and she nearly died due to the delayed discovery. She suffered from permanent complications of the internal injuries, as well as a traumatic brain injury (TBI). While the TBI was contested (as it usually is) at the outset, valuable examinations and explanations by an expert neurologist and neuropsychologist demonstrated the TBI. Along with use of expert day-in-the-life videography, our team was able to achieve a settlement of $2,958,585, above the maximum collection of PIP benefits.

Settlement: $800,000. Client and spouse drove their flatbed semi as a tandem team. Client was in the sleeper when spouse stopped in a long line of backed up traffic on a freeway near Kansas City, when another semi and pickup smashed into their rig. Client suffered a broken nose and injured neck. She had surgery to repair her nose. While it did not require surgery, she was left with a permanently painful neck. Despite years of chiropractic, physical therapy and even radiofrequency ablations (nerve burnings) for her neck, and repeatedly trying to keep driving truck, she could never go back to truck driving. With the help of good local counsel in Missouri that Brian researched and selected to work with, we achieved an $800,000 liability settlement, and $40,000 of PIP coverage.

Settlement: $475,000. Our client had been a long distance truck driver with an unblemished record for decades on the road, when another semi truck driver, driving too fast for conditions, collided with his rig. The crash caused a permanently injured low back. Our team was able to achieve a settlement totaling $475,000 against the defendant trucking corporation and PIP insurance carrier.

Settlement: $300,000. A truck blew through a stop sign and smashed into the pickup driven by our client, a bookkeeper with years of dedicated work. She sustained neck and internal injuries. Our team’s thorough preparation and advocacy resulted in a $300,000 liability settlement, above her worker compensation benefits received.

Verdict: $155,415, in Balderas v. Bowser. Client was a passenger in the family pickup driven by her daughter, when a large truck pulled out from a stop sign right in front of them causing a collision. Our team worked carefully with client’s treating doctor to prepare large medical illustration charts to help the doctor explain the Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (RSD) that the crash caused in her leg, and to defeat the insurance lawyer’s theory that her pain was just from her years of hard farm work.

Settlement: $216,500 above the worker compensation benefits. Our client had been a regional semi truck driver for years, with a clean driving record. One winter day on a two-lane highway, a negligent car driver in an oncoming line of cars, made a careless passing attempt, going too fast for the winter conditions. The careless driver collided into the back of a safely driven pickup, forcing that pickup suddenly directly in front of our client’s semi. Despite our client’s reduced speed for the conditions, he had no chance to avoid the bad crash. The crash killed the pickup driver and left our client with non-surgical, but permanent soft tissue injuries. Our client and his wife retained us after years of fruitless attempts to get the insurance carriers involved to treat him fairly.